Knitting supplies on the way!

I did it! I ordered a whole bunch of knitting stuff from

I decided to go with the KnitPicks Options Harmony Interchangables. I really was getting tired of seeing pretty patterns I didn’t have the needle sizes for, so that should help alleviate that problem! (At least partially.) I also got a set of 16″ size 7 and a 24″ size 2 circs to start some cute patterns I saw. I hope I’ll be able to figure the pattern out. I hope the wood needles work out, but seeing as I’m a newb ¬†it’s probably the best choice for me.

I also ordered some of the yarn to try out. Palette, Shine, Comfy, and ¬†Elegance. I’m really excited about the Elegance! It sounds super soft and maybe it’ll finally get freaking cold enough in San Diego to warrant wearing a scarf sometime.

Can’t wait!

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