New place!

So I made a blog (yet again) as a place to show off cool things! I shall not pontificate about my daily doings, since that would take up far too much time that could be better used eating/sleeping/snuggling with cows.

Many of you know I have taken up knitting to make things for my niece, who was born just this month. 🙂  That is going ok, but it takes like forever and a day to get any progress on it. However, I also took up crocheting because I liked the pretty crochet flowers!

I made this hat! I added the touches of color in the ears and Steve helped me pick out the colors for the flower.  I hope it holds together in the wash. It’s my first hat, so you can see a loose stitch, but oh well. I’ll do better next time!

omg a hat! Teddy Bear Crochet Hat 02

omg a hat!


  1. Thank you very much! Alas, it didn’t last very long (babies grow so fast) but at least it can sit and look pretty. 🙂

    And your design is amazingly cute! Thank you for sharing it!

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