I did it! I ordered a whole bunch of knitting stuff from www.knitpicks.com

I decided to go with the KnitPicks Options Harmony Interchangables. I really was getting tired of seeing pretty patterns I didn’t have the needle sizes for, so that should help alleviate that problem! (At least partially.) I also got a set of 16″ size 7 and a 24″ size 2 circs to start some cute patterns I saw. I hope I’ll be able to figure the pattern out. I hope the wood needles work out, but seeing as I’m a newb  it’s probably the best choice for me.

I also ordered some of the yarn to try out. Palette, Shine, Comfy, and  Elegance. I’m really excited about the Elegance! It sounds super soft and maybe it’ll finally get freaking cold enough in San Diego to warrant wearing a scarf sometime.

Can’t wait!

So I made a blog (yet again) as a place to show off cool things! I shall not pontificate about my daily doings, since that would take up far too much time that could be better used eating/sleeping/snuggling with cows.

Many of you know I have taken up knitting to make things for my niece, who was born just this month. 🙂  That is going ok, but it takes like forever and a day to get any progress on it. However, I also took up crocheting because I liked the pretty crochet flowers!

I made this hat! I added the touches of color in the ears and Steve helped me pick out the colors for the flower.  I hope it holds together in the wash. It’s my first hat, so you can see a loose stitch, but oh well. I’ll do better next time!

omg a hat! Teddy Bear Crochet Hat 02

omg a hat!